The Importance of Website for your Business

Wish you and your family a very happy and prosperous New Year 2018.  I hope this is going to be a very special year for all of us. A new year brings new ideas, new hopes and of course courage to overcome all the new challenges.

I have encountered many million dollar businesses with no website. But here’s the catch, they usually work for just one or two clients that they service or are responsible for government tender projects.

In order to help you whether you need a website for your business or not, let us answer the following questions:

  • Are you looking for more customers/clients?
  • Do you want to showcase your products/services to the world?
  • Are you looking for ways for your prospective customers to find you?
  • Are you looking for people or companies to donate to your non profit organisation?
The Importance of Website for your Business

If any of these answers is Yes, then I suggest you to have a website.

Let us look at it logically. Put yourself in customer’s shoes.

What do you do when you need a product or a service?

  • Ask your friends/family
  • Check out local listings
  • Do a google search

In any case, you would like to know the offerings of the recommended business. You would ideally like to see what they do, what they have done, probably check whether they have genuine recommendations before you really engage with them.

A website allows you to showcase your products/services, show testimonials/recommendations from previous clients and allow the users to get in touch with you 24×7.

Let us take a few real world scenarios

  1. Buying new running shoes
  2. Looking for a plumber for your house in a new city
  3. You want an investment consultant to handle your funds

“It is imperative for every business to have a website. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain.”

The Importance of Website for your Business

Scenario 1 – You’ve realised that you want new running shoes. Here is it how you will make the purchase.

  • If you already know what shoe to buy, you will just go to the shop or an e-commerce store and buy the shoe. Rarely the case since you need to first find out what shoes would be best for you
  • You would go to a known shoes shop in your area and ask them to show you different running shoes. Find the one that you like and make the purchase. Many people did this about 10 years ago
  • You will conduct a google search with relevant keywords, find relevant shoes, probably read reviews and then order them offline or online. Most people do this now

Scenario 2 – Lets say, you have just shifted into a new city and want a plumber for your house.

  • If you already have friends / family, you would probably ask them for the contact details and get in touch.
  • Else, you would try finding plumbers online on yellow pages, local classified websites or google. If there are two plumbers – one without a website and one with a website with clearly laid out services, you would probably get in touch with the second one first.
The Importance of Website for your Business

Scenario 3 – There is a sudden need for a good fund manager to manage your wealth. You’re looking for someone who is good at his job and will give you good results.

  • If you already have friends / family, you would probably ask them for the contact details and get in touch.
  • More often than not, you would do your online research and find wealth consultants who have shown case studies, have good recommendations and more.

As you can see, the website is your 24×7 sales office that people can visit and know about you. A website thus is very important.

But it is more important to have a good website. A website that conveys your value proposition, does not overload information and convinces the user to share their contact details to get in touch.

So, in case you’d like to have professional help creating a website for your business, check out our portfolio and get in touch with us at Roquepress.

May this new year bring many new opportunities your way to explore every success in life.

The Importance of Website for your Business

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