Want a website that meets your requirements and expectations?

A successful website project needs proper planning to achieve its objectives.

Let us help you plan your website project today.

What is the secret to a super-successful website project?

A winning plan!

Through our bespoke solution, learn the steps to organise the details of your website BEFORE we start to design and develop it.

The perfect website planning consultation…

Outlines your plans and action items

Focuses on a clear, branded message

Gives you immediate feedback from web specialists

Provides you with customised solutions for your brand

Provides you with an accurate quote for next steps

Having a completed web design plan will put you in control of the project.

All you have to do is SHOW UP to a consultation like this and answer our questions.


Not only do we provide step-by-step instruction for you to map out the plan for your website, but we also provide tips and tricks for creating a high-performing website in the form of copywriting help, headshot-taking tips, and much more.

Even if you’ve never worked with websites before, we will hold you by the hand to set you up to create a site both you and your website visitors will love.

5 major reasons why most website projects end in budget overruns, frustration & disappointment.

At Roquepress, we’ve worked with clients from different industries. Our website design and development packages will highly depend on the scope of work and size of content.

Most of our clients work with us because they have had unsatisfactory experiences elsewhere or their website projects completely fail because they weren’t aware of what it entails.

From this experience, we’ve realised that website projects typically fail because clients…

Were unsure how a website project flows

Didn’t know they were supposed to prepare content

Didn’t spare enough resource (time/money) to create content

Weren’t sure how much was required to maintain a website

Experienced technical difficulties/security issues

Fortunately, there’s hope…

After subscribing to Content-First Design, our clients became more AWARE and CLEAR about what to do.

They figured out how exactly a company and a website designer/developer should work together.

They realised that they too have to provide enough input, information and content so the website project manager can translate their goals into the website.

It takes two to make a great website.

And a great website has a better chance of ranking higher, ensuring more people find your website and patronise it.

Want to get clarity on how to create a successful website?

During our Content-First Design session, we will discuss:

The content that you need before commencing your website project

Features of a high performance, functional brand website to include

Next steps on deliverables and an accurate quote for your website

Ready to start planning your website with more clarity?

Content-first Design is ideal for any brand that needs to either

Create a brand new website

Or revamp an existing website

Through our consultations, we will discuss what content you have, the content you need, your resources and budgets that will be used for the project.

It gives you a clear understanding of what you’re getting yourself into.

It prepares you for the eventual website project that you will need to do (which we can help with too after we understand all the details and requirements).

This helps you

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Save resources

Through our consultations, you will get:

  • Audit and deep-diving of existing content
  • List of recommended content to be created/curated 
  • Step-by-step instructions on building a high-performing website
  • Accurate quotation to create your customised website (plus next steps)


Links to recommended tools to help streamline your website creation process and save you time shopping around.

All you need to do is make payment and SHOW UP for this consultation.

We’ll ask the questions, list out the existing material and expectations based on your feedback, and do up a plan for you.

It’s as simple as that!

Payment Structure

Payment has to be made in full 100% before the project.

Payment via credit card, PayPal, PayNow, or bank wire transfer.

More Questions?

We will be happy to answer any questions regarding this consultation.

Reach us at +65 6593 4372 or email us at [email protected].

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