Develop your WordPress website/blog in these simple steps

Learn the skills

The first step is to learn how WordPress works. I will try my best to provide you with all the fundamentals needed to help you on the road to building your website or blog with WordPress.

Plan your website/blog

This is probably the most crucial step in any website project. You will need to set yourself deadlines, brainstorm ideas, set up a page structure, and work out what domain name and web hosting you are going to use.

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Design your website/blog

Get a pen and paper, use a notepad or a graphic design package like Photoshop to sketch out the design of each of your website pages. In web development term, we call this – sketching your site wireframe. Ultimately you need to get the visuals out before implementing the content of the site.

Implement your website using WordPress

Take your design and start developing your pages in WordPress. Make sure you start with the website appearance and functionality before adding content or working on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Maintain your website/blog

It’s important to maintain your website by adding new content, making sure your content is posted on social media, and updating WordPress plugins. These is always going to be ways to improve your website functionality and exploring new ways for your readers to engage in your content.


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Develop your WordPress website/blog in these simple steps

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