about us


about us


Roquepress is a freelance web company in Singapore. Our mission is to give small businesses awesome websites that

get real-world results!

We were tired of seeing deeply disappointing small business websites.

We were tired of so-called “affordable website design” meaning rip-offs, underperforming websites, poor visual design concepts and lack of support.

So we decided to right this wrong, and Roquepress was born in 2013.


Founder / Web Developer / Designer
If I wasn’t running a web design business, I’d do it for free. I’m in it because I love it. I’ve been inspired by design for as long as I can remember, and have over 5 years’ experience in the field. I worked in a service line for 4 years, where I learned how to listen to people, work hard and never stop until the job is done.

On top of that I’m secretly a bit of a nerd. When I was introduced to CSS (a web language) I suddenly felt at home, combining my love of tech and design.

Put it all together and that’s what makes me a great web developer/designer. I think through the purpose of a website, use my design skill to make it look great and use my tech skill to bring it to life. All while using coding best practices to make sure it functions well and keeps your business safe online.

I provide continuous approach, functioning directly with clients just to classify and decode needs into an efficient and impressive design and even provide constant ongoing support as required.


Project Developer
Hey there, I’m a Hacker! Got ya…well…to start off I’m just the average Joe who loves to interact with people from all walks of live!

Heard of Belize, I’ve came across a stranger whom origin is from that particular country and eventually became my mutual friend in this little Red dot. Anyway, a self-introductory about me I’m a self-learner myself on Web & Multimedia Development, Web Content Management, Algorithms & Programming languages and etc.

Years before joining the Tech World, I’ve experienced in corporate sales and also Sales & Marketing for a friend’s business. I dedicate my energy to helping others in time of need and achieving both personal and client’s goals on time.

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