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about us


about us


Welcome to Roquepress!

Here are 5 important things you need to know about us:

  • We’re a freelance web design company
  • We’re based in Singapore
  • We specialise in working with small businesses
  • We create awesome websites (like, really awesome)
  • Our websites get results in the real world.

How did Roquepress come about?

Basically, we were tired. Tired of seeing websites that were just plain disappointing. Tired of small businesses getting ripped off by so-called “affordable website designers”. Tired of seeing valuable opportunities being wasted. Tired of poorly-designed website concepts that just don’t work.

In 2013, we decided we’d had enough of being tired. It was time to take action.

Gone are the days when a website was a nice little add-on to a business’s profile. Today, it’s usually the very first impression a client or customer will have of your business. Someone mentions a restaurant or café? People look up the menu. Someone mentions a store or service business? People look up the opening hours and the products and services available.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and your website is it. A slow-loading, badly designed, or inaccessible website will turn good clients and customers away. Yes, it’s that serious.

If you don’t have a website or think your current website could be a lot better, we can help. We’ll work side-by-side with you, getting your ideas and throwing in a few of our own. We’ll tell you what’s worked with other businesses like yours, and go through the design process until you’re completely happy. More than that – we won’t stop until you’re totally excited about your new website.

Then we’ll build it, and test it, and tweak it, and perfect it. Then you can sit back and watch how your new website makes a difference to your business in the real world.

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Founder / Web Developer / Designer
If I wasn’t running a web design business, I’d do it for free. I’m in it because I love it. I’ve been inspired by design for as long as I can remember, and have over 5 years’ experience in the field. I worked in a service line for 4 years, where I learned how to listen to people, work hard and never stop until the job is done.

On top of that I’m secretly a bit of a nerd. When I was introduced to CSS (a web language) I suddenly felt at home, combining my love of tech and design.

Put it all together and that’s what makes me a great web developer/designer. I think through the purpose of a website, use my design skill to make it look great and use my tech skill to bring it to life. All while using coding best practices to make sure it functions well and keeps your business safe online.

I provide continuous approach, functioning directly with clients just to classify and decode needs into an efficient and impressive design and even provide constant ongoing support as required. widget / widget