In-house Developed Websites

We see every project as a new and fresh opportunity – we approach each and every one from an exciting new angle. Our culture of teamwork and collaboration challenges us to take complex concepts and make them a reality, using our talents to be as effective as possible for our clients. View some of our past work here.

Thomas Beattie

Personal portfolio site for Thomas Beattie, a local public figure in Singapore. Once a professional footballer, now a serial entrepreneur acquiring a few businesses under his belt. Tom manages his employee with style, understanding the nuance of things. Its a delightful experience working with him on this project.


Recently acquired by Shell, Greenlots is an Electric Vehicle (EV) company. The site was revamped from a page builder platform. We integrated an online map to display real-time status of the live charging station. Info pulled via API from Greenlots server.

Roti Kirai Delights

Partnership with Roti Kirai Delights on their very first home-based business selling fluffy Asian pancakes (Roti Kirai). The site is powered with WooCommerce for its e-commerce functionality. A sleek and easy way to make orders online.

Hygiene Hub

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Streamops is a local courier company, started in 2018. We are proud to be part of the new venture with Jennifer – the owner of the company. The site is developed with a courier tracking system for parcel tracking. Clean, modern and professional design look and feel, meeting the needs of their users. The business is expected to thrive within the courier space in a matter of time.