Why Every Company Need a Digital Marketing Consultant

We can no longer do without the internet, we email every day, check our social media and buy more and more products online.

It is not surprising that people always adjust their marketing accordingly. Every week we hear several times: ‘online marketing, but is that something for me?’ Hiring a digital marketing consultant is a sure way to make your company standout in the industry.

Are you still in doubt? Below are the various ways a digital marketing consultant or, a web developer (like us) can help your company:

From offline to online

As already described above, we can no longer do without the internet. We see that newspapers and magazines are sold a lot less, while blogs and online news pages are better read and YouTube or Facebook videos are watched more often than specific television programs.

Customers also increasingly orient themselves online, comparing prices, reviews and valuations before purchasing a product or service.

More and more companies are using content marketing, publishing relevant information, to attract more traffic to their website. Content marketing ensures customer loyalty and authority within the industry, which in turn leads to generating a turnover.

Targeting and retargeting

With online marketing, you can target your target group relatively easily. This way you increase the possibility of informing prospects about your service or product. Prospects are your target group that has never been in contact with your product or service.

You can target in different ways, such as demographic, geographic, gender, age, and interests. Also, you can also retarget. This is approaching people who have been in contact with your company before. By re-approaching these people, you ensure that they proceed to purchase more quickly.

Increase your reach

With online marketing, you are no longer dependent on the market in the nearest city. No, the market is now the whole world. Or at least, to where you deliver your products or services. You are always on the internet; people can still go for information.

Also, your (potential) customers are always present on their Smartphone, tablets or laptops, whether they are at home, at work or on the train.


With online marketing, you can measure everything in contrast to offline media, which is a lot harder. With Google Analytics you can quickly set goals on your website, see how often the contact form is filled in and how many people have bought a specific product.

Do not forget to set this; this is something that companies quickly forget. Always define your goals so that you can make the results measurable.


You can quickly test strategies online. That used to be different. Then you made a flyer or poster, and that was fixed. The advantage of online marketing is that you can always adjust and therefore always test.

Which landing page works better, which articles are read more often, which image appeals to more people or which advertisement works better?

In other words, you can test how you can best act in the most effective way possible. Online marketing offers the opportunity to map the customer journey and respond to it.


With online marketing, you can respond quickly and directly. Type error? That was immediately removed. Are the wrong details of a customer in the system? That is adjusted accordingly. Your half-year campaign does not work? Change strategy and adapt it easily.


If you compare online and offline media, a significant downside to offline is that you can never change anything. Also, it is an investment for temporary attention.

With the online possibilities, you can continue to appeal to the target group, think of publishing articles. Also, you will always find it better in Google.


If you are active a lot online as a company, you also have more communication with your target group. Through the internet (potential) customers can respond to articles, give feedback or post a message on social media.

Interaction with your customers ensures higher involvement and customer loyalty. Loyal customers are the most critical customers because they provide word-of-mouth advertising and that is still the most effective marketing!

It is for everyone!

Whether you are a big company, a startup or a freelancer, online marketing is suitable for everyone!

You decide how much you want to invest in online marketing; it is often about a relatively low investment and a high ROI. It helps both small and medium-sized businesses to generate more conversions.


There is a lot to think about when defining your digital marketing strategy, but in the end, it is essential first to investigate, analyze and understand three things that are crucial to your success: your company, the competition, and your customers.

Your ultimate strategy lays the foundation for everything you do as a digital marketer, and is a constant guideline for your decisions regarding the use or not of the available techniques.

Effective digital marketing is about making smart choices and delineations. About choosing the right digital marketing consultant that will define a clear strategy, based on a thorough analysis of where your company is now, and where you want digital marketing to bring it.

Need help with your online marketing? Simply reach us out on our contact page. We are happy to help!


Why Every Company Need a Digital Marketing Consultant

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