The Truth About WordPress

There are quite a lot of people out there who think WordPress is just a blogging platform. This is far from the truth! WordPress can build the simplest blog all the way up to a professional website – there really are no limits! WordPress is a powerful tool, which now accounts for 28.9% of the entire internet (as of date). That is a more than a quarter! Lets breakdown all the truth about WordPress.

WordPress is becoming a great starter point for new web designers and developers, since it’s a good starter point to get your website online, and it’s fairly simple to pick up. The first time I started with WordPress was back in 2009. As technology extends its growth, we learn new skills and always aspire to advance our expertise.

Many professional developers, like us, are turning to WordPress to build sites for our clients as it’s a powerful tool – it cuts development time, and it provides a great content management system (CMS) so that our clients can easily add content themselves.

“There are about 19,500,000 websites on the entire web uses WordPress.”

A Good Platform for Bloggers

Bloggers are finding it a great platform to work with, as they can add content quickly and easily without having to have a lot of technical knowledge.

In the series of Roquepress’ blog post, we will provide you with all the basic fundamentals needed to help you on the road to building your website or blog with WordPress. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the whole concept of web development or blogging, we will guide you through each step with screenshots and detailed text to help you progress through. If you are a professional developer, there might be things that will be new to you, or things that can help boost your knowledge of WordPress and how it works. You can then bring this knowledge gem to your own projects.

What will I need?

You are going to need two things:

  •  A domain name: (For example:
  • Web Hosting: This is space online that you use to host your website. You pay a monthly or annual fee to rent space online. For us, we highly recommend SiteGround. We will go more in depth to understand more about web hosting and its packages.


How Much Does Our Service Cost?

Our relationship with you and time is much more valuable than our relationship with money. So we want you to see the high-level services we can offer. Download our Service Deck now to see our pricing.

The Truth About WordPress

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