SiteGround Customer Service (March 2018)

I can’t emphasize enough that SiteGround, the hosting company that I used for all my clients, have one of the best customer services to date. To those who are still sitting on the fence, read on..
For March 2018 itself, SiteGround has a collective 30 full 5-star rating on their customer services reps. What does that tell us? They are simply awesome guys!

Stunning – really helpful, ultra-polite – very happy indeed!

– Alun Hill

“Excellent service! Very helpful and explained everything really well. Highly recommended. Thank you for all your help, Nevelina K” – Lindsey Waterson

I can go on and on with the positive reviews SiteGround has on their page. You can check it out here: Real SiteGround Reviews by Our Customers

Support is one of the crucial factor I signed up for SiteGround Hosting. I am not afraid to recommend SiteGround because I know my clients or readers are safe in their hands. Each of their customer service reps takes ownership of their cases. Something you might find lacking from other hosting companies.

At only $5.95/month, I use the GrowBig account (which I personally think is awesome enough) and already I felt like my sites are all taken care of. The reason why I said so is that of their professionalism in the hosting web space. Each representative is well-trained and groomed to serve. You will feel a sense of belonging when you signed for SiteGround.
Being an affiliate for SiteGround, I highly recommend them to other hosting companies. I only promote a product if I truly believe its perks and benefits to end users. I have used Hostgator and BeyondHosting before. Nothing beats the hell out of SiteGround. That’s how confident I am.
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In my personal opinion, SiteGround customer service excellence has improved its public persona and definitely strengthens its brand. They have solidified its brand in the minds of those searching for their products, services and information.

Nuff said! If you feel convinced from my post, I would appreciate if you make the purchase via my affiliate link. I am glad to assist you in the process of signing up. Check out Step by step process on signing up for SiteGround.

Have a great day folks! Laters!

Jargony copy

If your copy doesn’t connect with your customers in a meaningful way or if they have to try to decode it they’re, probably not gonna, stick around long enough to actually figure it out so really resist that urge to try to impress by using the biggest words and don’t also expect that your customers know as much about your industry as you do and there’s actually a really simple fix for this just right.

The way you speak, conversational copy actually works great across most industries.

Unless you’re, you know heavy into the B2B medical or government space, and even then I wouldn’t get too informal with it, but I would definitely try to write a little more conversationally than you think.

You should, and I actually have a really actionable tip you can use to get more conversational copy, and that involves recording yourself talking about your business as if you’re talking about it to a friend talk about what makes your business unique or special and why they should care about it, then you can take that recording and use it as the basis for your copy and when you’re, actually writing that copy forget about all the rules. You learned about grammar back in school. You can use sentences, fragments, contractions and slang. In fact, it’s gonna generally help you connect on a much deeper level with your customers.

option overload

While you may think that your customers and site visitors want a lot of options. The truth is providing too many options can really affect your sales and your ability to generate leads from your website. So what you should do instead is really narrow down your focus to only the most important things that people are really going to need to know before they’ll be interested in what you offer so include a short overview about what exactly your offer is. Three main benefits that they’re gonna receive from your offer, a list of features that show them exactly what they’re gonna get and then some nice reviews and testimonials and then end it all with a really strong, clear call-to-action telling them exactly what to do.

You know people actually love to be told what to do next because it takes the guesswork right out and it makes the path forward very clear.

So I hope that shed some light on what may be going wrong on your own website and some actionable ways that you can take to fix it. But now I want to hear from you and I want to know which of these tips are you most excited to put onto your own website? I want to know all about it.

Of course, any questions you have or comments just put them in the comment section below and I’ll answer all the questions that I possibly can.

So you learn as much as you possibly can about your website. If you’re ready to step it up to a more strategic website. Like all the stuff we’ve been talking about today, go ahead and schedule a free strategy session. Just between you and me, you can get that by clicking the button below

Alright, guys, till the next blog post. Ciao!


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SiteGround Customer Service (March 2018)

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